Hunting Lodge Le Logis

  • Open 12 months a year
  • Authentic with a very luxurious decorations
  • Available for 1 to 15 persons
  • More than 50 chairs and benches scattered throughout the garden
  • Enjoy the river Dronne on our deck
  • Great for kids (also see the video)
  • Spacious parking lot
  • Mountain bikes available for rent
  • Given the large terrain, there is plenty of privacy for guests
  • A “self-catering” environment
  • Awarded in 2015 with a “Silver Award” from Zoover.

In January 2018 we received the Zoover Award in the category “Recommended by Zoover”.

All houses have

  • Own front door
  • Private living
  • Private, fully equipped kitchen
  • Bedrooms with en suite bathrooms
  • Access to the entire garden
  • Due to the enormous flexibility of the houses, the Hunting Lodge Le Logis is suitable as house for friends, family or venue for reunions

Le Logis for business purposes, workshops or retraites

In the garden we have the Orangerie: this is the old pool we have converted into a multi-functional space of 65 m2
Luxuriously decorated with underfloor heating, fire place, a lot of daylight, spacious pantry and stereo-set
A wonderful earthly space where working outside can be filled in many ways
Nice combination of business and relaxation
Free secure Wifi
Possibilities for catering or, within walking distance, use the local restaurant
Open 12 months a year
Available exclusively in combination with the houses
Private setting
Local services, such as massage and sports coaching, can be arranged for

Due to the enormous flexibility of the houses, Hunting Lodge Le Logis is perfectly suited as a friends house, family house or location for reunions.

Hunting Lodge Le Logis has 3 houses available for you to rent:

La Mazilière (4 bedrooms with an en suite bathrooms, suitable for 8 persons).
La Dronne (2 bedrooms with an en suite bathrooms, suitable for 4 persons).
La Grange (1 bedroom with a en suite bathroom, suitable for 2 persons).
The Orangery (a multi-functional room for groups of up to 50 people with extensive facilities)