About us

We, Vera and Max, would like to open up for you our houses of the Hunting Lodge.

So you, like we do, can enjoy the luxury, the tranquility, the privacy, the beauty and the natural earthly surroundings.

Vera en Max van de Ven

This earthly spot is meant to be shared.
The only thing we would like is that you have, as a guest, along with your family, friends and / or colleagues, here are a wonderful, relaxing time.
And it does not matter whether it is for a holiday, training, meeting or a retreat.
Many have been here before you and they all appreciate Le Logis.

The interesting story about the history and the consequent renovation will be told once you are here.
And we may end up together with a glass of wine on the deck on the banks of La Dronne.

Please feel welcome and we are there to make you time spent at Le Logis as comfortably as possible.

See you in Chenaud.