Hunting Lodge Le Logis.

We bid you welcome to our site.
A pearl of beauty and luxury in a sea of space, privacy, tranquility, nature and culture in the peaceful, western part of the Dordogne.
With a very long and glorious history.

We, Vera and Max van de Ven, wish you much pleasure in touring our site of the Hunting Lodge Le Logis and we look forward to welcoming you there.


Here lies the Hunting Lodge Le Logis.

• In the southwest of France, in the west part of the Dordogne region (Périgord Vert)
• Close to major cities like Bordeaux, St. Emilion, Angoulême and Bergerac
• On the outskirts of the little village of Chenaud
• On the border of the river Dronne
• With a beautiful garden of 3 ha. (approx. 6 acres) with a lot of of tranquility and peace
• With good restaurants, beautiful history, a lot of culture in the proximity
• Amidst the large, well-known wine regions

The history of the Hunting Lodge Le Logis.

• History dating back to 1098
• In 1626 built, as a hunting lodge, on old foundations and was expanded in the centuries after
• Built on a leyline (an invisible trail of power and energy)

This is the Hunting Lodge today.

• Fully restored (by ourselves) between 2003 and 2015
• Available as a destination for holidays and for business purposes
• Equipped with all modern conveniences and restored with respect for history
• 4 fully separate houses, furnished as comfortable homes:

La Mazilière (4 bedrooms with en suite bathroom, sleeps 8)
La Dronne (2 bedrooms with en suite bathroom, sleeps 4)
La Grange (1 bedrooms with en suite bathroom, sleeps 2)
La Wobbel (our own home)

• And

The Orangerie (multifunctional space of 65 m²)
Large barn
2 authentic pigeonniers (dovecotes) and an old water tower
Wonderful spacious garden with lawns, a lake, fruit trees, bamboo forest, and very old trees
The backyard is adjacent to the river Dronne with special waterfall
Beautiful lawn to the water along with a deck suspended over the water

A new idea.

A weekend of golf near Chenaud.
We have some wonderful courses  in the area. And not very busy.
Below an example of  the planning:
The guests arrive at Bordeaux airport in the morning, pick up their rental car and in the afternoon we play 18 holes near Bordeaux.
The next days we play other courses. Park or more hilly courses. Please let us know your preference. We will make the reservations for you.
If you want to work on your short game, we encourage you to play our  9-holes P&P course on the estate. (see below).
And when you return after your play to Le Logis, we can serve you drinks and a dinner (providing the chef is available) or we book a table at a local restaurant.
In the morning we will have breakfast at Le Logis; lunch will be in the restaurant at the golfcourse.

This program is well suited for a group of friends who prefer a private environment over an anonymous hotel.
Please mail us if you would like more information.

Interesting news.

Our own par-3 Pitch&Put course has been available since the end of May 2020.
You can play from 9 T-boxes to 5 greens.
The lengths of holes vary from 50-110 meters. From our own experience: it is a lot of fun to play it together.
At this moment the greens still exist of short-cut grass. The grass of the greens and the fringe will be replaced by artificial grass soon.
The fruit trees, the plane trees and the higher grass are the natural obstacles.